About me

I was born in Madrid, Spain, but grew up in England. I studied Economics and Politics at the University of Exeter while working in Finance over the summers. I then spent a year as an analyst for portfolio managers in a private bank in Spain.

In 2011 I studied at the Universidad de Navarrra a Master in Economics and Finance. I became interested in advanced economic models and statistical methods during my stay there. Wanting to learn more led me to pursue a PhD in Economics at the European University Institute in Florence.

At the EUI, I studied from 2012 to 2017, focusing my research in Internation Trade and Macroeconomics, but ended up not defending my thesis. During my research, I was interested in new computational methods, which were only recently available thanks to the latest technological advancements.

In 2018 I moved back to Madrid to work at Allfunds, where I have worked in the Digital department and the Innovation Lab. I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of technology-focused projects. From using machine learning on customer behaviour to software development and creating a new datalake for the firm. I have learned a wide range of new technologies and predictive methods during these last years.

I love that frontier between science and technology. My main interest lies in quantitative methods and modelling, especially under uncertainty. As technology keeps improving, what can we can do can also be more ambitious. But it requires a continuous learning process, as the way technology evolves is also incessant. I believe in technology as a tool, not for technology’s sake. Technology is only worth as much as the purpose for which you use it.

These last years I have also grown a vast appreciation for the best industry practices in the technology industry and how I can incorporate them into my daily work. I have seen how the most creative work comes from collaborating. The best approach is not always the most complex one, but that which is easiest to communicate.

I hope to continue to work on new challenging projects which will force me to learn new things and foster innovation. And most important of all, to continue to collaborate with people who are always as eager to learn as they are to share what they know with others.